Falling Decibyls

The journey for Falling Decibyls started years ago on a dirt road winding through the beach areas of south eastern Italy. After seeing a copy of Buddha Bar I on the back bar of an outdoor lounge everything changed for Falling Decibyls and the places music would take him. He has always been fascinated by the sounds of electronic dance music (EDM) and the infinite frequency options that come with this genre. Being driven by the desire to be surrounded by utter symmetry also contributed to his passion for this type of music production. It just never misses a beat! Falling Decibyls is a musician as well and has played in rock bands and orchestras throughout his life. In fact, one of his early dreams was to be a conductor of symphony orchestras. Falling Decibyls spent his younger years studying classical and romantic music and this can certainly be heard in some of his electronic compositions. After many years of experience in the music world, Falling Decibyls decided it was time to pursue songwriting and production in the EDM genre. And this is how we arrived here! Now, Falling Decibyls brings you some of the most driven beats in EDM and deep, progressive house. He is both a DJ and a Music Producer. With the ability to create unique and intense sounds, his music is going to take you elsewhere. Join Falling Decibyls on this path. His sound is progressive and deep. Music is the biggest part of his life and that isn’t going to stop. Play it loud!